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What are your office hours?
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Here are some links with valuable information.

Insurance Information Institute
            Non-profit organization which provides a wide variety of information about insurance products.

Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
            Non-profit organization with plenty of information about life and health insurance.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute
            This non-profit organization has information about automobile crashworthiness and car safety.

HCFA Agency
            The homepage for the Health Care Financing Administration, the federal agency responsible for Medicare and Medicaid.

Standard & Poor’s
            Standard & Poor’s insurance ratings service analyzes the financial strength of thousands of insurance companies.

Flood Insurance
The National Flood Insurance Program homepage has information about flood insurance coverage.

American Lung Association

            Non-profit organization which provides valuable information regarding air quality including allergy information, local air quality ratings, and data/statistics related to air quality and other health issues.

NADA Guides
            New and User auto values by year and make

Johson County, KS  Government Website

NHTSA–National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
            Vehicle and equipment safety information as well as traffic safety, recalls, and child safety issues.

Safe America
            “Cyber Safety Network” educates parents and youth to the ways of safely navigating the internet.

Emergency Preparedness Information Center (Epicenter)
The Emergency Preparedness Information Center website.

            Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
            The Federal Emergency Management Agency — FEMA — is an independent agency of the federal government that works to reduce risks, strengthen support systems and help people and their communities prepare for and cope with disasters regardless of the cause.

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